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What is HoliRoots?

Holi = Holistic | Roots = Plant Roots

Inspired by Indian tradition, Fable & Mane presents HoliRoots; a holistic approach to repair hair from within, celebrating your hair roots with the power of plant roots. Everyone has a story that is unique to their life, their own fable to share with the world, while everyone’s hair is the self-expression of that story.

The Fable & Mane HoliRoots Hair Oil is formulated with plant roots and active ingredients native to India. Our combination of plant alchemy, our encyclopedia of incredible Indian plants, aromatherapy of divine scents, crafted by the world’s best creative talent in Paris, and clean ingredients, was chosen with your wellness in mind, awakening and strengthening your roots in order to transport you to hair nirvana. Om yeah!

Deeply infused with key Ayurvedic extracts, this soothing, silicone-free oil moisturizes, soothes and restores the balance of the scalp. Dashmool – revered over centuries for its healing power – is a blend of ten sacred roots, promoting a sense of calm and wellbeing for the mind, body and spirit. Ashwagandha – one of the key adaptogens with proven stabilizing benefits – is an ancient medicinal herb, known to fight inflammation, relieve stress and encourage hormonal balance. Together, they strengthen the roots and cultivate healthy hair growth. 

A symbol of our founders’ heritage from India, the land of hair beauty and such a vibrant culture rich in sensorial ritual, we wanted to begin with treating the roots of our hair and ultimately, the roots of our essential selves; this too, in the comfort of our own homes. In the Indian culture, hair care is of the utmost importance; the word ‘shampoo’ even being derived from the Hindi word chāmpo’ which means to press or knead, aptly symbolising the importance of not only treating but truly massaging your hair with an oil.

Hair oil is the most potent form of nourishment, richly coating each strand and awakening the roots in order to not only grow stronger and more healthily, but also protected. If your hair was a garden, then oil is the rain, providing the hydration, care and correct nutrients needed for the most potent growth. It is a ritual passed down through generations in India, so effective for the long, thick and lustrous hair of Indian women that we’ve all come to envy.

Our product stories are rooted in the healing, wholeness and holiness of plant roots for your hair roots.

Realize your hair potential with HoliRoots.

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HoliRoots™ Hair Oil
HoliRoots™ Hair Oil

HoliRoots™ Hair Oil

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