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The Power of Mandalas

The Power of Mandalas

There is a balance to find, swinging the pendulum of life from reality to expectation, belief to manifestation. This is the journey of wisdom, our search for inner peace. Understanding the universe beyond and within, on its own terms.

What is a mandala?

A mandala, the Sanskrit word for ‘circle’, is a circular, geometrical design with repetitions of patterns, symbolising the cyclical nature of life and the idea that everything is connected. All lines and shapes are organised around a singular, central focal point, which can be understood as a map of the pathway between the external and the internal. In Asian cultures, this is interpreted as a visual exploration of the universe encompassing an internal focus, the beginning of contemplation or meditation. The mandala is a sacred and universal symbol, with the earliest evidence of its existence rooted in Buddhist and Hindu Tantrism – religious and philosophical teachings from the first millennium – and since recognised within many cultures, religions and studies. 

How to use mandalas in meditation

The creation of a mandala is known to be an absorbing and meditative process while specific images and symbols within mandalas correspondingly represent states of consciousness. The lotus flower, for instance, a hallowed Buddhist symbol of enlightenment, purity and rebirth, depicts balance. As equally as its roots are beneath water and its petals grow to bloom, so too may humans rise from murky depths to a spiritual awakening. When we meditate upon such symbolic images as this, we may yield truth to the analogies they speak.

The first step is to pick symbols and designs that strongly appeal to you. Now, set your intention. What do you hope to attain? Allow the mandala to draw you in, with its intricate patterns and symphony of colours. If your mind wanders, let it wander. If you start to think about daily stresses, gently draw your gaze deeper into the mandala design and re-focus your thoughts. Breathe deeply.

According to Tantric traditions, some designs may invoke a flow of energy through the body’s primary chakras. Chakras are focal points in the body, which, when meditated upon, are believed to give us a deeper sense of connection. The lotus flower is often associated with the crown chakra, for example. Located at the top of the head, it represents the mind and body’s connection to matter beyond the self, allowing one to feel unity, wisdom and peace.

Mandalas can exercise our creativity and grant us relaxation. Let your instincts guide you, allow your mind and body to be centred and enjoy. 

The HoliRoots mandala

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