Mane Reset Duo
Mane Reset Duo
Mane Reset Duo
Mane Reset Duo
Mane Reset Duo

Mane Reset Duo

The perfect duo for a balanced scalp and nourished mane.

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Discover the power of Wild Ginger, Himalayan Salt, Coconut Cream and Banana with our online exclusive Mane Reset Duo!

The SahaScalp Wild Ginger Purifying Scrub is a gentle exfoliating treatment that soothes oily, flaky, and itchy scalps with healing Neem, known for its antifungal properties, and includes stimulating, antioxidant-rich Wild Ginger. Use instead of your shampoo once a week to remove product build-up and refresh the scalp.  

The HoliRoots Hair Mask is a high-performance formula with an exquisite creamy texture and a nourishing treat for all hair types. Feels & smells like a soft whipped delicious dessert to restore hydration, condition and shine, helping to repair the damage to your tresses caused by styling, pollution and environmental stress. 

Our Promises
Product Use
  • Apply a tablespoon of the scrub to wet hair. Gently massage scalp in circular motions.

  • Rinse thoroughly. Follow with the HoliRoots Hair Mask.

  • Use instead of your shampoo and conditioner once a week, or any time you need a mane reset.

Key Ingredients
  • Ginger


    An Ayurvedic root with antiseptic properties to help relieve flakiness. It is also said to promote scalp circulation and stimulate the hair follicles.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt

    Himalayan Pink Salt

    Provides a gentle exfoliation to the scalp, removing product build-up as well as dead skin cells.

  • Coconut Cream

    Coconut Cream

    Our complex of coconut water + cocoa butter + sugarcane promotes cell growth and keeps hair strong by stimulating the scalp. It improves blood circulation and combined with its many vitamins minerals and amino acids, coconut water works to fortify strands and help make your locks grow even thicker.

  • Banana


    Rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, which help soften hair, improve shine and protect natural elasticity. Prevents and controls dandruff by moisturising the scalp.

The Tree of Life

The magical tree of ancient tradition is fragrant, evergreen and flowering, and its leaves possess many powerful properties. Antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal, extracts of Neem leaf will help keep your scalp health and encourage circulation to the follicles.


01. Can I use the SahaScalp Wild Ginger Purifying Scrub instead of the HoliRoots Shampoo?

The HoliRoots Shampoo is nourishing and hydrating, while the SahaScalp Ginger Scrub has a purifying and soothing effect on the scalp. We recommend using it instead of your shampoo only once a week to remove product build up and refresh the scalp.

02. Is the SahaScalp Wild Ginger Purifying Scrub suitable for sensitive scalps?

Yes, the SahaScalp Wild Ginger Purifying Scrub was formulated to be suitable for all scalp types!

03. What is the difference between the HoliRoots Hair Mask and HoliRoots Conditioner?

The HoliRoots Conditioner is a nourishing and hydrating treatment for smooth and healthy hair. The HoliRoots Hair Mask is a potent treatment to repair stressed and damaged hair. We recommend using the Conditioner in every wash, and the Hair Mask once or twice a week for a deeper treatment, or more often if your hair is really damaged.

04. How often should I use it the Mane Reset Duo?

We recommend using the Mane Reset Duo once or twice a month, or anytime you feel you need to remove product build-up from your hair.