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Increase energy & productivity with Ayurveda by Navi Gill

Increase energy & productivity with Ayurveda by Navi Gill

Give your new year the fresh start it needs by discovering Ayurvedic tools and rituals to come back home to yourself.

Navi Gilla certified Ayurvedic practitioner and educator, shares some essential tips for the boss in you to thrive.


Prioritize Daily Movement

Moving your body with dosha appropriate exercises can help increase prana and vitality in the body.

  • Vata - Those who tend to get easily depleted benefit from slow, grounding mindful movements like hatha or yin yoga, Tai Chi, gentle walks, dance or Qigong.

  • Pitta - Has a tendency to push themselves and find it challenging to slow down. They can channel the fiery energy with cycling, swimming, hiking or brisk walking.

  • Kapha - Has challenges getting moving but can keep going for long periods of time with lots of energy reserve so they need invigorating movements like sun salutations, running, hiking, and biking

    Have a Balanced Sleep Routine

    Having a proper sleep ritual is and by honoring your body's natural rhythms, you supercharge your days and improve focus, increase your capacity and creativity.

    1. Even though it can be hard to power off, resist sending that last email before bed and aim to get 1 hour of screen-free time before bed.

    2. You can do a mini Abhyanga or massage the soles of your feet with lavender, sandalwood or Brahmi oil before bed for deeper, more soundful sleep.

    3. Take your hair ritual to bed by massaging a few drops of the SahaScalp™
      Amla Soothing Serum with lavender, rosemary and tulsi before wash days for dreamy soft tresses.

    4. Opt for a cup of Tiger Tea, Haldi Doodh or warm herbal tea of your choice before bed. 


    5. Massaging a few drops of warm ghee or sesame oil on the navel helps to soothe and ground the nervous system.

    6. Avoid day sleeping and instead choose 20 minute power naps or guided meditation in the afternoon to recharge.

    Tend to your Agni

    Fire has the power to alchemize when it is used in the right quantity for the right thing. In Ayurveda our agni is our digestive fire that lives both in our mental faculty & digestive system. Agni governs our overall health and when it is in balance it improves digestion, you have better nutrient absorption, and sustained energy levels.

    1. Keep your agni functioning well by eating dosha appropriate meals for the season and at the correct time.

    2. Eat your largest meal at lunch when the outer agni, the sun
      is at its peak.

    3. Aim to have dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime, ideally between 6-7 pm

    4. If your digestive fire is sluggish, kindle it by chewing a small piece of ginger with a sprinkle of pink salt and a few drops of lime juice before lunch and dinner.

    5. Feel your feelings- being a Tiger also means knowing how to move through all types of feelings including conflict, grief, anger, worry. Finding healthy ways to process your emotions will allow for more vital energy to be available for the things you love. Explore meditation, pranayama, talk therapy, somatic therapy, conversations with trusted friends & family or a professional, crying, spending time in nature and roaring.

    Create Rituals 

    Rituals can act as anchors in our daily lives and they help to take care of our mind, body and spirit which is vital for the world we live in.

    1. Self care: Do a weekly Shiroabhyanga or warm oil head massage with the HoliRoots™ Hair Oil. Allow the rich scent of Red Champaca, Jasmine Sambac and Neroli to invigorate the mind, the Ashwagandha and Dashmool to nourish the nervous system and castor oil to increase blood flow on the scalp.
    2. Mindful Mornings: Kickstart your day with 10 minutes of meditation to clear the clutter and set the stage for a focused day ahead. Avoid screen time in the first 1 hour after waking up.

    3. Desk Yoga: Keep tech neck at bay by incorporating desk stretches like seated twists and neck rolls to release tension and revitalize your body and mind throughout the day.

    4. Vata-Pacifying Snack: Cut down on the caffeine and chomp on a handful of soaked almonds and dates in the afternoon. This nourishing combo stabilizes Vata energy, providing a steady source of energy.