Mane Styling Duo
Mane Styling Duo
Mane Styling Duo
Mane Styling Duo

Mane Styling Duo

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The HoliRoots Hibiscus Hydrating Hair Oil Mist is enriched with an elixir of antioxidants and Red Hibiscus for healthy, hydrated hair. Just shake it and mist on dry hair whenever you need a hydration boost. Hair feels soft to touch and smells divine!

It pairs perfectly with the Scalp Massager Comb, which helps detangle strands and add volume to your hair. 


✓ Gently detangles all hair types

✓ Non-static and eco-friendly

✓ Massages and soothes the scalp

Crafted to promote strong healthy hair, our ebony wooden comb is both elegant and functional with wide rounded teeth to gently detangle all hair types. Use it daily to give yourself a light head massage to increase circulation to nourish your roots and soothe your scalp.

Our Promises
Product Use
  • Shake well to activate the oil and water phases. Push pump gently and mist over dry hair, at a distance of at least 5 inches. Comb through strands using the Scalp Massager Comb.

  • Starting from the ends, comb through your hair to smooth strands and detangle. Using circular and gliding motions, gently massage the comb across the scalp to promote growth.

  • Leave in and repeat as often as desired. Suitable for daily use.

Key Ingredients
  • Red Hibiscus Flower

    Red Hibiscus Flower

    A worthy offering for goddesses everywhere. The extract of Hibiscus flowers, rich in vitamin C, gives a lustrous shine to hair. Rich in AHA’s, it also restores radiance for abundant shine.

  • Amla


    Indian gooseberry, Nature’s miracle source of Vitamin C for healthy hair.

Founder Inspiration

Our mom’s hair secret was hibiscus oil. The flower is dried, powdered and then mixed with coconut oil. She would tell us in Bengal women’s hair would touch the earth, 6ft long, as Red Hibiscus is known in India to promote hair growth.


01. Can I use the HoliRoots Hibiscus Hydrating Hair Oil Mist as a styling product?

We recommend using the HoliRoots Hibiscus Hydrating Hair Oil Mist as a last step after styling your hair, or on dry hair, in between washes to freshen your strands.

02. Can it weigh down my hair? Is it suitable for oily hair?

The HoliRoots Hydrating Hair Oil Mist is suitable for all hair types and was formulated to be lightweight, yet hydrating and smoothing, and should not weigh down your hair.

03. Can I use it on wet hair?

We recommend using the HoliRoots Hydrating Hair Oil Mist on dry hair.