Grandma's Remedies

The Fable.

The Fable.

The Fable

Rooted in our founders’ heritage, Fable & Mane is irrevocably intertwined with the Indian ritual of oiling hair. In search of a solution to her lacklustre hair, Nikita recalled a time when her grandmother would massage her head, passing down beautiful fables about India’s abundant plant and animal kingdom, all the while truly nurturing her wellbeing; this, using a handcrafted blend of plant oils so effective for the long, thick and lustrous hair of Indian women that we’ve all come to envy. Feeling centered, confident, and well, Nikita began a journey to discover more about Indian beauty secrets and share it the world over.

The Mane

Nature holds the key to unlocking all that we need to empower ourselves. Just as the tiger strides through the forest – bold, strong and confident, radiant in presence – at one with the wilderness of the world, so too can we rekindle our primal nature and embrace our natural beauty.

Within each of us, there lives a powerful force with good instincts, passionate creativity and ageless wisdom. Fable & Mane intertwines the mane and mind so we can reconnect with our roots and nurture our wellbeing with grace and fearlessness, together.   

Discover your wild.
 Akash & Nikita Mehta, Co-Founders